The Shire of Hornsby
Executive Manager's Report No. WK13/98
Works Division
Date of Meeting : 02/11/1998

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Nine Watts Profile speed humps and two at grade thresholds were installed in Midson Road between Ray Road and Murray Farm Road in December, 1991. The speed humps have achieved the objectives of Council and residents, having reduced vehicle speeds and improved safety. However, Council has received many objections regarding the "severity" of these devices.

In 1995 Council commissioned consultants Masson & Wilson Pty Ltd to develop a more "user friendly" scheme, while maintaining the reduced vehicles speeds and negligible accident rate. An alternative scheme was developed which retained the existing entry thresholds near Ray Road and Murray Farm Road and removed the Watts Profile speed humps. The scheme included five raised platforms, kerb blisters, a roundabout, splitter island, and an intersection platform.

A questionnaire was developed to elicit opinions about the existing devices and their impact on traffic behaviour and amenity issues as well as attitudes towards the new scheme. This questionnaire was distributed to all households having frontages or side boundaries to Midson Road as well as residents in the cul-de-sacs off Midson Road. The results of this consultation process established that there was a significant level of support to retain the existing devices in Midson Road.

Council, at its meeting on 13 March 1996, resolved not to proceed with the removal of existing devices and the implementation of the alternative scheme.

Council has subsequently received further complaints about the speed humps in Midson Road.


This report recommends the actions to be taken by Council with regard to the provision of traffic management measures in Midson Road.


The results of the questionnaire survey issued to local residents shows that;

- there is concern over peak hour traffic volumes, but little concern about traffic volumes during the day and at weekends,

- safety is not a concern, indicating that the reduced speed environment brought about by the speed humps should be retained by some means,

- noise is a problem at humps and to a lesser extent general traffic noise is a problem.

In order to satisfy residents it will be necessary to;

- maintain the low speed environment to retain the low crash history,

- reduce peak hour traffic and

- reduce noise at devices. The solution;

- some form of traffic management scheme is required to maintain existing low speed environment,

- raised platforms could be used to keep speed down, though 5-10 km/h increase in speed could be expected due to reduced severity,

- raised platforms should result in reduced noise, slightly higher speed, less breaking and acceleration, reduced severity,

- the existing Watts Profile speed humps could be modified or reconstructed to a less severe raised platform,

- existing peak hour traffic is accepting the low speeds in this section of Midson Road. The use of raised platforms could result in a small increase in peak hour traffic volumes due to an increased speed environment. A further option to reduce volumes is to ban movements, such as make Midson Road one-way north bound at its intersection with Murray Farm Road. This would not be practical.

It is considered that the modification of the existing Watts Profile speed humps to raised platforms, where appropriate, would result in less severe speed humps, with a consequent reduction in noise at the humps.

Local residents should again be consulted on any proposed changes to the existing speed humps in Midson Road.

In some cases it may be easier to remove the Watts Profile speed hump and replace with a raised platform, at other locations it may be possible to modify the Watts Profile speed hump to a raised platform.

It is proposed that eight (8) of the nine (9) existing Watts Profile speed humps between Ray Road and Midson Road be reconstructed as raised platforms.


The estimated cost of this work is approximately $100,000. If, following public consultation, Council resolves to proceed with the recommendations, this amount can be considered in a future Traffic Facilities Program.


There are no policy implications in this report.


No public consultation has been carried out at this stage. Public consultation with all households having frontages or side boundaries to Midson Road as well as residents in the cul-de-sacs off Midson Road will be carried out if Council proceeds with the recommended changes.


The Officer responsible for this report is Mr John Jenkins, Traffic Consultant, Traffic and Road Safety Branch, telephone 9847 6680.



1. The proposal to modify the existing Watts Profile Speed Humps between Ray Road and Murray Farm Road with two lane raised platforms be listed for the consideration in the 1998/99 Traffic Facilities Program.

2. Subject to acceptance of Recommendation 1, public consultation be carried out for the proposed scheme, showing modification of Watts Profile speed humps, with explanation of consequences, (ie no reduction in peak hour traffic, reduced severity of speed hump, less noise, continuation of low crash rate).

Executive Manager
Works Division


Attachments: Plan of Midson Road (1 page) WK13-98.LIF